Thursday, August 31, 2006

My photo, finally I know...

New LInks

I have found a wonderful new website for all of you, it is entitled NotCot, there are two branches, and The .com site is a design forum that doubles as a design consultancy and the .org is a non for profit site where people can post about their interesting new findings in the world of design. The creator and administrator is Jean Aw a 23 year old design savvy individual. Both of these sites are great, however I prefer the .org site myself simply because there is a wider variety of objects and finds, even though they eventually cycle their way to the .com site.

Please visit the sites, they are amazing and incredibly easy to navigate, just click on the images and the link will open up in a new window. I have been viewing the old posts and there are so many amazing things with which I want to spend all of my hard earned dollars on. The links to the sites are in my link window to the right.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Aquisition...

I made a recent purchase a week ago, it was this phenomenal T-Shirt from a company called Drifter. I absolutely love the shirt, it has salt fading detail as well as wearing around the sleeve neck and bottom hems, not enough to tear the shirt up, but enough to make it look lik you've owned it for years. The design was phenomenal as well it was a very large decoupage and graphic design that appeared to be applied in three different methods, traditional screen printing, bleaching and spray painting. The back of the shirt near the bottom has very faint black writing which blends into the shirt and a black widow spider bleached into the fabric. I adore it, and I plan on buying a couple more their other designs are equally as stunning. I purchased it from a store called Sole Classics in Columbus Ohio and I will definitely recommend them, they are still growing and only reently opened to my knowledge, they carry modern tenni shoes such as PF Flyers and Vans vault edition as well as assorted others. They have a few other brands of T-shirts that I leafed through but was in a rush and did not remember the names of the brand. The store is worth checking out if you are in the C-Bus area. The shirt looks amazing with a pair of jeans, or dressed up with a suit.

As a side note this will probably be the only post untill Saturday, my workload is disgusting this week so I probably wont post anything else this week, save for a picture possibly...regardless enjoy this little snippit.
Here is the link to their website:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Actual Website will be available shortly...

This morning I spoke with my web designer and there was some very good news discussed, my website will be constructed very shortly, The design is still up in the air I need to do some more sketches and finalize the concept before it is created. However, it will be done in a very timely manner (Thank you). So the thing is my website will probably not have a blog, and regardless I would still rather have a personal blog where I can talk about things other than my work, such as the work of other that intrigues me and I find interesting. As well as personal shit which I deem worthy and appropriate for posting on the internet...lords knows things travel so "slowly" on here. Note the sarcasm. So yes to anyone who knows my work and would like to see more it will be up shortly on my actual website as well as on here.

- C.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Complete Answer to the random question for anyone who cares...

Well first of all we must analyze the question and what it is a euphemism for...One could gather that the apple and the milkshake symbolize women, much easier to do now that there are jeans called Apple Bottoms and a rap song having to do with a girls milkshake or something of the sorts....forgive me I do not listen to much rap so my analogy may be flawed. Regardless The apple and the milkshake are women, (very Freudian). Now both may be pierced by a straw i.e. a male sexual organ, however the apple is not so easily pierced, a straw may not be strong enough to penetrate the toughened exterior of an apple to reach the tender center....thiscould be a metaphor for women who put up a tough demeanor but are truly damaged and hurt inside, Now the Milkshake is a much more transparent thing. Milkshakes are very easily infiltrated, there is no resistance. So this could be a metaphor for an easy woman, one who is not very deep but is easily read and understood. Or the whole thing could be about sexuality and not about personality at all. The Apple could be a girl that does not put out easily, one of the good ones you have to work for, where as the Milkshake could be a slut, a girl who is easy and will give it up to anyone...all I know is that my peach that I'm eating is very jealous...

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