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New LInks

I have found a wonderful new website for all of you, it is entitled NotCot, there are two branches, notcot.com and notcot.org. The .com site is a design forum that doubles as a design consultancy and the .org is a non for profit site where people can post about their interesting new findings in the world of design. The creator and administrator is Jean Aw a 23 year old design savvy individual. Both of these sites are great, however I prefer the .org site myself simply because there is a wider variety of objects and finds, even though they eventually cycle their way to the .com site.

Please visit the sites, they are amazing and incredibly easy to navigate, just click on the images and the link will open up in a new window. I have been viewing the old posts and there are so many amazing things with which I want to spend all of my hard earned dollars on. The links to the sites are in my link window to the right.

About me

  • I'm Ruffian1985
  • From Columbus, Ohio
  • I'm a fashion designer with an interesting view on the mainstream, I can't stand it. I prefer to indulge and immerse myself in the independent realm which is still untouched by the evil hand of all that is high fashion and trend. I am an agnostic pro choicer for all of you out there who care about all of that...politics frankly disgust me so I choose not to partake in them. I am not old however I am not young, I am something all together different, incredibly opinionated yet very understanding and receptive. This is only disturbing the surface of a very deep well, if you really wish to know more about me then read my periodical blog posts, which should be filled with all kinds of juicy tidbits and such...
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