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Drifter sample sale...

I just purchased a few choice t shirts from the Drifter sample sale. Drifter is a company based out of California that imagines some amazing t shirt and hoodie designs for men, and they have a wealth of tops for women as well, I'm not as well versed in their female line, my apologies. However they are currently having a sample sale where their normally fifty dollar t shirts are going for 30 or less which is phenomenal, I feel a little guilty spending a bill on two t shirts. But I encourage you all to stop by their online store http://www.drifteronline.com they have a large selection of shirts with most sizes still available. They have two different types of mens t shirts, one that is double layered with supima cotton, with a typical hem on one layer and a rolled hem on the other. Then they have their more worn in t shirts that are single layered with wearing, salt washes, bleaching and distressing on the ribbing and hem. I own a few of each and I adore them, the sizes run fairly true to size, but they are not very tight, fitted but not skin tight which I am preferring more and more these days. The only thing that made me truly sad was that there are no hoodies on sale in the sample sale, I have been in the market for a distressed and artisanally printed graphic hoody, but I am finding it difficult to discover one priced under one fifty, if anyone out there knows of a company please leave me a comment I would love to know. If I have any luck I will post on it very soon.


There are three drifter hoodies on ebay right now. Check them out and let me know if this is what your are looking for:



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