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New bag designs

So here is a post of my own work finally....these fotos are terrible because I took them at home and not in the studio. But regardless here is a new messenger bag I designed and made...it is very simple because I made it to specifically hold my new black macbook...the other cases didn't do anything for me. It is made from a distressed brown leather, that is buttery soft and garment weight and it is lined with a mustard colored cotton broadcloth and topstitched with yellow linen thread. All of the hardware, d-rings, clasps, snaps etc are all solid brass and very good quality. I would love to recieve some input as too anyone's thoughts on it. I know it is very simple, and it is meant to be, very utilitarian and minimalistic....I will come out with a more ornate and elaborate one soon.


This is really, really nice. Can you show us the inside? I'd love to see the mustard.

Hello there young sir. Itsyerboy NickCline from the ol' CCAD dormatory days and such. Found your blog through facebook, figured I'd holler so we can leave each other fun comments and giggle etc. Keep it gangster/nice bag. Good day.

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